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This checklist is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide authoritative guidance or legal advice. You should consult your own .

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An Investment Policy Statement ("IPS") is a document, generally between an investor and the assisting investment manager, recording the agreements the two .

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nonprofit's program is an investment policy statement (IPS). The purpose . An investment policy statement is a client-specific document designed to address the .

  • Creating Your Investment Policy Statement
    That's because creating an Investment Policy Statement forces you to put your investment strategy in writing and commit to a disciplined investment plan. It's both .

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    May 30, 2012 . For all kinds of investors, writing down an investment-policy statement—and sticking to it—can be a good way to produce steadier returns in .

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Home > Endowment and Finances > Investment Policy Statement . Investment Policy Statement (pdf) for The UCLA Foundation Long-Term Endowment Pool.

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A document drafted between a portfolio manager and a client that outlines general rules for the manager.This statement provides the general investment goals .

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