quartz used make watches

How do quartz watches work?
Quartz timepieces use the nature of the quartz crystal to provide a very accurate . making them extremely stable resonators for keeping very accurate time.

HowStuffWorks "How Quartz Watches Work" - Electronics
Quartz watches actually use quartz crystals to keep time. How can they be so accurate? Find out why quartz makes such a great time keeper.

Why Is Quartz Used In Watches? | Why
Aug 21, 2010 . Why Is Quartz Used In Watches? . It is made up of oxygen and silica. . and of course for its most famous use, in the making of watches.

  • What is Quartz Used for - Ask Community
    Surprisingly, quartz is used in some of your household and personal items, such . that make up some electronics used in telephones, computers and watches.

  • Rolex Men Oysterquartz Pre-Owned and used Rolex Watches ...
    The conception of the Datejust Oysterquartz dates to the beginning of the . Regarding the materials used to make this watch, the whole range consisted of three .

Invention : Quartz Watch
The Quartz watches make used of the property of quartz crystal which provides a very precise resonator that gives electronic signal constantly which are .

Why Is Quartz Used in Most Watches? | eHow.com
Even digital watches are controlled by quartz's ability to slow time. Most quartz used in watches and other electronic devices is a synthetic, made specially for the .

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