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Urban Dictionary: i-banking
Short for investment banking, an industry devoted to squeezing money out of transactions, famous for paying a metric shitload, being filled with do...

Urban Dictionary: banking
To count on something. I'm not banking on winning the lottery, but if it happens then it happens. buy banking mugs & shirts · betting counting on bankin relying .

Urban Dictionary: bank on that
Edge's phrase, from WWE. It basically means "count on it", but since Edge won the "Money in the Bank" match in Wrestlemania 21, he used that title,...

  • Urban Dictionary: investment banks
    a financial institution for the big boys. these "banks" raise capital for large corporations, governments, institutional investors, funds of variou...

  • Urban Dictionary: lloyd banks
    You don't know nothin bout what pain is sucka, I'll put ya ass underground like a train conducta ! mothafucka!

Urban Dictionary: investment bankers
Someone who has left Africa to pursue a level of higher education in Europe ( probably in London). They dress very sharply and may even come over to...

Urban Dictionary: banking hours
Working or being open for the shortest and most inconvenient amount of time (~ 10am-4pm). Also includes a long lunch break and every possible holida...

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