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Car Care Tips, Car Wash Myths and Truths
Car Wash myths and truths as seen by "Dyno" Don. Caring for an all-original, low mile classic like this 58 Impala was a pleasure, but would you use dishwashing .

How to wash your car like the pros: Ten steps to a professional ...
A good, thorough car wash involves more than simply running your car through a machine. I visited Mothers . More tips for car owners. How to clean, detail and .

Tips for Washing Your Car's Body - For Dummies
Cleaning your car efficiently saves you time and effort and ensures that the vehicle's body comes out looking great. If you clean haphazardly, the task takes .

  • Tipping Etiquette Guide at
    It is not necessary to tip for parking, but always for returning the car. Doorman - If he . Car wash - $2-3 for a car; $3-5 for an SUV or large vehicle. If there is a tip .

  • Car Wash Saves Water - Water Conservation Tips - The Daily Green
    It may surprise you, but getting a commercial car wash is greener than doing it yourself in your driveway. That's smart water conservation.

Car Wash Tips
Sep 14, 2007 . Doing your own car was can be easy and fun with these tips and car wash equipment recommendations from AOL Autos.

Car Cleaning Tips from a Pro - Car Talk
Car Cleaning Tips from a Pro. Car Talk Visits Professional Detailer Greg Yoke. Tips for a Spotless Exterior. 1. Wash your vehicle in a shaded area. Your vehicle's .

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